Why audio video transcription is important and why you need it?

audio video transcription

Are you thinking what are the things that your business really needs and your company can’t live without? Audio video transcription is an essential part of the daily grind for many businesses, because from the platforms of project management, collaborative tools to meeting rooms, you have to provide the transcription to keep things running slowly in neutral.

However, the need for audio video transcription is growing in the world day by day with more pressure from consumers because these days it is the need of businesses to know there audience comprehensively, and with such rigid competition to gain the attention of more customers, transcription is necessary.

When do you need audio video transcription?

Transcription serves an important and much larger purpose together with producing a written record of video or audio presentation. It also assists in providing clear words about what is being spoken. Similarly, it eliminates the distractions in audio or personal ticks that might jumble the verbal components of the presentation and ensure that the message is recorded accurately. 

Hence, there are many reasons when the transcription of audio or video content is needed, here we have listed some reasons:

  • Transcription of audio content for those who are unable to hear

It is needed for deaf people or those with hearing impairments so that they can get benefit from having accurate closed captions. If you run a company, you should offer transcription services to those with hearing impairments. It not only enhances corporate social responsibility but also improves your brand image. Hence, transcribing the audio content has the potential to open up the services for a whole new audience. 

  • Audio transcription for subtitles or closed captions

You will need a full transcribed document from the video to create the subtitles or closed captions. It is necessary as it gives the option to viewers to read the information in their language and the more people who are able to understand your content, the more positive views you will get on it as it increases the accessibility. 

  • For translation purpose

Transcribing is always the first step for translation and the same transcription document is used to create as many versions of different foreign languages as required. 

  • It is needed for voice over

When you transcribe the audio for voice over it appeals to corporate videos or explainers.

Above all, the requirement for audio video transcription in businesses are growing, so, the transcription work must be performed by a trained and proficient transcriber in order to avoid mistakes.

The importance of transcribing audios or videos

Most of the time, companies don’t be able to understand the full potential of their recorded content, and in some cases, they even leave the spoken words or voiced presentations on audio files without transcribing it, but this is not the right way to thrive your business because communication is of vital importance. 

video transcription

On the other hand, unluckily, some people have limited ability to hear or own cognitive disabilities, so that it is required that information is written for them to perceive. Even for those who are visually impaired, businesses can make audio content for those by transcription. 

Therefore, transcription offers a number of avenues in every field. Here are some benefits that you can get through it:

  1. It promotes wider reach and accessibility

When you need fully translated video content, transcribing the subtitles can act as an ideal interpreter for those people who speak different languages. In addition to that, video transcript increases accessibility for those viewers with limited or no hearing by creating accurate closed captions. In this way, the more people who are able to watch your videos, the more views you will get more.

  1. Helps in a clear and concise recall

When a voice is transformed from video to an actual text, it gives you an opportunity to get the benefit of having all the original information effectively within reach. Similarly, every bit of fieldwork with the full video transcript will always have the full context in which it was provided. 

That’s why you don’t need to worry about the confusion when bringing the sound bites and piecing context with the right part of a video. Transcription aids in providing clear content and concise recall. 

  1. Make the content that is more available to consume

Because of the closed captions and subtitles to your videos, potential customers and more people can watch your video everywhere, particularly in those situations where the audio is not ideal just like walking on a street or while traveling on the train, the situations where sound is unclear closed captions help to share the speech.

  1. Transcribing the audio and video content can directly improve SEO

When you transcribe media things, for instance, podcasts, international webinars, videos and post them at the side of your content, you can get some quick SEO benefits because by having your video transcribed and captioned, you are giving specific information about the content of your video to search engine. However, when someone searches for a phrase mentioned in your video, SEO will be able to include your video in search results; in this way, transcription directly improves SEO which is a great advantage for you.

Hence, transcription is a high-skill process. It takes the translation of a foreign language, cuts through its unfamiliarity and offers the easiest form of what someone is telling you. The transcription for subtitling work is much more time-intensive as the time codes should be logged in minutes, seconds or hour’s frames. That’s why, it must be performed by a trained transcriber who will enough time to viewers to read each subtitle.

In a nutshell, audio video transcription is rapidly becoming essential for a wide range of industries. As people are increasingly conducting businesses through audio and video software around the world, the necessity of transcription is growing in every business. 

However, it is a good practice for your business to record all the important meetings, video conferences with suppliers, and necessary sound bites and transcript them as it produces a clear record of the interaction.