What Is Linkedin SSI And How Can You Increase It?

How to Boost Your LinkedIn SSI

What is LinkedIn SSI and what are its benefits?

LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI), a metric used to determine the rank of your profile, based on how optimized your profile is and the effectiveness of your outreach campaigns. Your profile will get more boost if they are better.

LinkedIn gives your profile a score between 0 to 100. This score is sometimes called the SSI score. It determines how well you, as an individual, or company, have adapted to the four pillars in social selling.

The perfect score for each pillar is 25, which means that 4*25 (4=100) is the score. LinkedIn says this score is excellent when it comes to gauging a person’s social selling and marketing skills.

Is LinkedIn SSI a valid metric?

Marketers and salespeople still have a lot to say about the SSI score.

You should still give it a shot. Yes! LinkedIn statistics show that:

  • A person with a higher SSI score is more likely to have 45% more chances than someone with a lower score.
  • Social sellers make 78% more sales than those who don’t use social media.
  • Social sellers have a 51% greater chance of reaching their quota.
LinkedIn SSI metric - Closely Automation Tool

Social selling index gives you a set of criteria that will help you optimize your LinkedIn profile. It is easy to make adjustments to your LinkedIn profile and marketing activities once you have identified what you need. The entire strategy can be broken down into four pillars so you know exactly what you need to do to improve your profile.

This guide was created because of the usefulness and efficiency of these four Social Selling Pillars. We will tell you everything in this guide.

  1. What LinkedIn SSI Pillars Are.
  2. How to improve your SSI score in each pillar.
  3. How to calculate your SSI score
  4. A LinkedIn profile with a high SSI score is a great benefit.

Let’s start with the basics: What are LinkedIn SSI Pillars?

LinkedIn SSI Pillars – What Are They and How To Boost Your SSI Score For Each Pillar

The Social Selling Index’s two pillars are:

  1. How to create a professional brand
  2. Finding Your Target Audience

Let us take a look at each pillar and the techniques that can be used to increase them.

How to create a professional brand:

A professional brand profile is a complete profile that includes all sections necessary to reach your target audience. You are trustworthy and have nothing to hide by putting all information out there about yourself. This also indicates that your brand knows who you are and isn’t in the process of figuring out what to do next. You can find more info about this on the related site of LinkedIn automation tool.

Here’s a checklist to help you create a LinkedIn profile that is perfect.

Complete your LinkedIn profile

Complete your profile by adding a professional profile photo, a banner picture, a summary that explains the work you do, a tagline to represent your brand, recommendations from businesses and people in the market, as well as your relevant experience and correct contact information.

Utilize Multimedia

To make your profile more lively, add videos and presentations to it.

If you post regularly and are professionally developed, it can help you get more engagements.

Receive Recommendations & Endorsements

Ask people to recommend your skills and, if possible, ask for recommendations from clients.

LinkedIn Pulse – Long-Form Posts

Although most people don’t know this, you can publish full-length articles to the LinkedIn pulse. This can boost your profile.

Engaging with your clients and peers is also important in order to return engagements.

If you want to be a market leader, paying attention to the little things can make a big difference.

Finding Your Target Audience:

Your SSI strategy’s success and lead generation campaigns’ success depends on finding the right people in your niche. Only then can you interact and engage with your target audience.

Finding Your Target Audience - linkedin automation tool closely

You can use to find potential buyers.

  • For your search, LinkedIn groups are a great option.
  • LinkedIn Search (Regular/Advanced).
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to use the “posted on LinkedIn” filter, gives you job alerts, and lets you know who is doing similar activities as your clients.
  • Automated outreach campaigns can save you time and effort.

Automated outreach campaigns

Let’s concentrate on automated outreach campaigns for a bit.

These campaigns have the advantage of reducing the effort required to generate leads and keep them. It is no longer necessary to connect each lead individually. Instead, you can send one request for connection to all leads. You can automate your outreach campaigns by reading this article.

Are you able to identify with your target audience? You will know their interests and follow them if you are good enough. Combine all these potential audiences and create a template that will pique their interest. You can mention your similarities with them.

This will allow you to run a more effective lead generation campaign while putting in less effort.


LinkedIn uses the metric SSI (Social Selling Index) to keep track of how successful your sales were and how well your profile performed. If you’re focusing on outreach and lead generation, your SSI metric will continue to rise. However, you can use different tools such as Sales Navigator or safe LinkedIn automation tools to boost your SSI even further.