Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Online Training & Certification

online lean six sigma black belt certification

The internet has come a long way in a matter of a very short time. For those who are in need of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification who can’t find the time to get their training in a traditional setting, online courses are a great place to turn.

Getting online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification affords many benefits and advantages to those who choose it, including more convenience and choice in the programs that are taken. When you are considering online courses, it is essential that you take the time to check out all of your options and make sure that you are getting a complete Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification course from a proper company and not just a ‘program’ from some company who has no idea what they are teaching.

Online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification will afford you the benefit of completing the actual project required for certification along with the online training in the same amount of time. Compared to the typical longer schedule of training offered by most seminars and on-site courses, this can be a huge improvement.

The information that you learn will all be the same as it would on-site when you choose a qualified program to work with, and you’ll be able to do it on your time, at your convenience, and without having the hassle of traveling or attending classes when you could be doing other things.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training can help a variety of organizations and industries. Many of them are seeking the Lean process because of its speed. If the process offers a quicker resolution, shouldn’t training be simpler and faster, as well? Online courses offer that speed, but still help you learn all about Lean waste reduction principles and process improvement techniques that are created through the waste elimination in most cases.

By taking Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification online, you’ll be able to expedite your success and prove to your employer that you are committed and prepared to handle a Six Sigma Project in a shorter amount of time.

If by chance you’re not a technologically advanced person or you aren’t particularly internet-savvy, don’t worry! Internet-based Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification courses are very user friendly, and often come with a support team you can email for help – whether it be questions about the Six Sigma course material itself, or what your password is if you forget it!. Just know that when you’re wanting to train in Six Sigma, speed is not just in the process but also in the training through the availability of online Six Sigma Certification.

The Purdue Online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Difference

Our Black Belt course includes some Lean Principles topics, provides a deep dive into Black Belt subject matter, and is project-oriented. Since Purdue Black Belt students jump right into their project during the course, they must be versed in the use of many pivotal Lean Six Sigma tools. Our rigorous online Black Belt curriculum enables Purdue students to immediately begin applying their LSS knowledge and skills to their current work environment.

The Black Belt Project

Five weeks prior to the course start date, students identify a project to work on during the course and consult with the instructor as needed to determine a suitable scope. Projects can be conducted for a student’s employer or for a charitable organization with which they are closely tied. Students develop a project charter, which must be approved by the course instructor and the appropriate managers at their organization.

Black Belt course projects require students to collect data and analyze it with Six Sigma tools. Depending on the selected plan, students will employ one of the two LSS sub-methodologies: DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) or DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify). Gate reviews take place at the end of each phase of these processes. The weekly course assignments relate directly to and include project deliverables.