• wood pellet smoker

    The flavor and the versatility have made wood pellet smokers a favorite with serious backyard chefs. A good wood pellet smoker will smoke, roast and grill.

    A wood pellet is a little piece of hardwood about 1/4-inch in diameter that looks sort of like a large pill. Wood pellets burn quickly and cleanly and produce a fine ash. Wood pellets burn at about 8,500 BTUs per Dollar. They can be purchased in an assortment of types ranging from oak and hickory to apple, mesquite or cherry. In a normal pellet grill the pellets are fed from a storage hopper to what’s called the burning box at a controlled rate. You can adjust the rate depending on if you want a low temperature for smoking or a high temperature for grilling.

    Since the wood pellets feed automatically, you can turn the unit on, give it 10 to 15 minutes to heat up and literally be ready to immediately grill. This makes it as convenient as a gas grill but adds the flavor of wood smoke to your cooking.

    wood pellet smoker

    wood pellet smoker

    Most companies that manufacture wood pellet smokers have a temperature control unit (sometimes optional, but fairly necessary) that allows you to set the temperature to within 5 degrees of what you believe would be ideal. This automation is also great when it comes to smoking. You can smoke for hours in a temperature controlled environment with little work from you.

    One important thing to think about before you invest in a wood pellet smoker, is the cost and availability of fuel. Since a pellet grill uses only pellets, you need to be sure you have a good source for them. Wood pellets sell anywhere from $1.00 to $2.00 a pound, though you can get them for less if you buy in bulk.

    When you have the smoker on high, it will consume about 2 pounds of pellets per hour. This is the temperature at which you would grill steaks and burgers. You probably wouldn’t want to run the grill for a full hour but an average, high temperature cooking would be around 30 minutes.

    When you have the wood pellet smoker set to smoke, it will consume about 1/2-pounds of pellets  per hour. This means that if you plan to smoke your meal for 10 hours you will use 5 pounds of pellets. If you are doing a lot of smoking or grilling you could use a lot on pellets meaning that this can be more expensive than a gas grill. It really pays to shop around for the yes price on pellets but make sure you are getting good quality as well. Bad pellets can jam up a pellet grill and cause your fire to go out.

    If you are serious about getting real wood fire flavor in an easy to use unit, you really need to consider buying a wood pellet smoker.

  • lazada seller center

    AB testing is a critical ingredient of optimized Lazada selling. Without AB testing, it’s literally impossible to know what content performs the best (in terms of click-thru rate and conversion rate).

    I’ve put together this article to help explain how the most successful Lazada sellers (and Amazon) Sellers AB test their product listings.

    The structure of this article is below:

    1. What is Lazada AB testing?
    2. Why Should I AB test on Lazada?
    3. Why shouldn’t I manually AB test on Lazada?
    4. What should I be AB testing on Lazada?
    5. What is the best tool for Lazada AB Testing?

    1. What is Lazada AB testing

    The goal of Lazada AB testing is to identify the best product content and pricing for your product listings. It’s a method for identifying which product content is the best at turning Lazada visitors and impressions into buyers. It is arguably the most critical component of product listing optimization.

    Through testing different product listings, sellers can see the clear connection between an excellent listing and an increase in page views, sales, and profits.

    In fact, good product listings provide double benefits because Lazada’s search algorithm makes use of recent sales history and conversion rate to determine search rank.

    Split testing is another name for A/B testing. Split testing is the process of testing two or more variations for the same amount of time and measuring the results. A simple example would be testing 2 product titles or images each for 7 days (Sunday to Sunday) and examining which resulted in the best click-thru rate, conversion rate, and sales revenue.

    Confused? Don’t be. Let’s look at the example below. Which product image do you think would convert best out of the two options below?

    From the outside looking in it’s very difficult to know.

    But if we were to test these two images across 7 days and measure click-thru rate, conversion rate, and sales – we would likely see significant differences.

    AB testing is simply the process of testing different product content on Lazada and seeing what performs best.

    2. Why should I AB test on Lazada?

    This is pretty straightforward. You are selling on Lazada because you want sales and profit. The best way to increase visits, conversion rate, and profits is to eliminate the guesswork of all the variables that impact your sales.

    To have a good listing on Lazada, you need to have:

    1. A clear, descriptive product image
    2. An attention grabbing product title
    3. A quality product description and bullet points
    4. A competitive, compelling product price

    If you are to test different titles, descriptions, prices, and images –  you will know over time which content change is causing a better conversion rate, sales revenue, and profits. Again to reiterate, this improvement will also have a double effect of increasing your search rank because Lazada’s search algorithm cares about product conversion rate.

    We could do a simple ROI calculation to justify this below:

    As-Is Listing = 10,000 visits per month, 2% conversion rate, $50 sales price, 40% profit margin (so $20 profit per unit sold)

    If AB testing can merely change your conversion rate from 2% to 3%, you will sell an additional 10 units per month and generate an extra $500 in sales revenue. That’s an extra $6,000 in sales per year by optimizing only 1 product!

    Additionally, you can safely assume this better conversion rate will result in a better search rank and more page views.

    3. Why shouldn’t I manually AB test on Lazada?

    Good question. Why not just change your listings inside Lazada Seller Center and check the impact on sales? The reasons I recommend against doing this manually are below:

    1. Time & Effort. The effort required to do this for just a few products will be very tedious and nearly impossible if you are managing 100+ products.You would need to work on your listings and manually save your results in a file. Then at the exact time X days in the future change your listings to new listing. Then at the exact time in the future log your results of variant B and compare to variant A.Then you choose which winner and again update your product listing.That’s a lot of work..

      lazada seller center

    2. Statistical Significance. There are seasonality factors at Lazada that can impact your AB testing results so it’s critical that you are running more than one AB test at a time.It could be possible for sales to have improved regardless of your change or could have performed even better if you had a better product image or price or title. So the critical factor here is to run test concurrently. Only with results coming from the same period can you make statistically significant business decisions.

    This is a lot of work to manage manually, when you can set parameters in a Lazada AB testing app like Split Dragon and seek out the results from this program automatically and get updates once the test is completed a week or more in the future.

    4. What should I be AB testing on Lazada?

    • Product Title

    Product title is arguably the number 1 determinant of keyword authority in a Lazada product listing. If you want to add it manually, it can be done via seller center as a mandatory field with maximum character length of 255 characters.

    From search results and category view pages, it is critical in ranking the product and also calling users attention to click and go to thru to the product detail page (where you can convert the visitor into a buyer).

    Every element of your product title needs split testing. Some tests that you should run are:

    1. The ordering of your product title (ie brand, category, keywords, descriptors)
    2. Using new adjectives and descriptors
    3. Testing key phrases (ie #1, Top-Rated, Best-Selling)
    4. Include technical specification (ie size, color, power)

    Your tests should check one and only one at a time and measure the results to continuously improve your listing and ability to convert viewers into purchasers.

    • Product Image

    Product images are critical to the success of a Lazada product listing. The primary image – the one that customers see in search results and category views is absolutely critical to get clicks. If it’s not well optimized, customers will not click it and cannot arrive at your PDP to convert into a sale.

    Sellers need to test out customer perceptions of images. The winning image should stand out from competition and entice customers to click it.

    The product image is how you stand out from your competitors that are selling very similar products.

    One recommended approach is to make use of color psychology and test different color combinations of products. Also, if you have multiple color variations you can test displaying one product vs. several products on the product image.

    If you’re a crossborder seller, you can look at which products have meanings in some countries. For instance, red in Vietnam is a sign of luck and wealth.

    • Product Price

    Split testing product price is not only important for search rank and conversion rate, but it’s also critical for your profit.

    How would you know without split testing that you could increase your price by $4 and have the same conversion rate? The answer is that you wouldn’t and you would be losing $4 on every sale because you hadn’t tested it.

    Finding the optimal price is critical to Lazada seller success. Not testing makes it impossible for sellers to be truly optimized.

    Another critical test that you should run for product price is the difference between Lazada Price and Lazada Sales Price (which communicates X% off to buyers on the PDP). Without testing, you won’t know what impact it has on prospective customers.

    • Product Bullet Points / Description

    Apart from the title and the image, the bullet points are the most important piece of product content at conveying important sales information to the customer.

    It’s also critical that you input search keywords into bullet points as they are used for Lazada search algorithm to determine product search ranking.

    Testing your AB testing is critical to get the best search rank and conversion rate. You can test the order of your bullet points and try different strong sales call to actions.

    The goal of split testing bullet points should be to find the best mix of bullet points that result in best search ranking and conversion rate from your product detail page.

    What is the best tool for Lazada AB Testing?

    The only available tool for Lazada sellers to efficiently manage AB testing right now is Split Dragon.

    Split Dragon features include:

    • Automated AB Testing for Product Images, Product Titles, Product Descriptions
    • Keyword Search Rank Tracking & Reporting
    • Product Content Improvement Suggestions

    Split Dragon is currently on sale at 50% off of normal subscription price. Check out plans and start AB testing here.

    If you have any questions about AB testing, please let us know in the comment section. I hope you found this article useful. Let me know what else you would like to know.

  • buy coffee beans

    Tips for Making Great Coffee

    Anyone can make a good cup of coffee. The ingredients as well as the equipment to make it possible aren’t that hard to find. Here are a few tips that people should remember when preparing coffee.

    • The first thing is to buy a good coffee maker. There are many of these being sold in appliance stores so the customer should do some research first about the brands to get an idea on the features and benefits of each one.
    • The most important ingredient in making good coffee are the beans. It is recommended that people buy coffee beans so they can be grinded prior to use. This may be tedious instead of just putting a teaspoon into the cup but there is a big difference that you will soon appreciate and like.
    • Believe it not, the water that comes out of the faucet or the plastic container has a certain taste. This is influenced by the filtration process to ensure that this is safe for people to drink so customers have to check on it before pouring it into the coffee maker.
    buy coffee beans

    buy coffee beans

    • One way for coffee to taste better is by using stainless steel or gold mesh filters. This is a major improvement from the disposable paper ones that contain bleach, chlorine and dyes that may also affect the flavor. Since these are quite expensive, those who insist on using paper should buy the kind that are unbleached.
    • The rule of thumb for brewing is that there should be two tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of water. It should also be spread evenly in the coffee filter before it starts to filter down into the pot.
    • Coffee can be reheated if it gets cold. The best way to do this is by making sure it reaches 175 degrees. Of course, the other way will be pouring all the contents into a stainless steel Thermos that will keep it warm.
    • The coffee pot should be cleaned regularly. Using soap and water can do this but if there are still remnants from the old batch, this is the time that vinegar or baking soda have to be used.

    It isn’t that hard to make a good cup of coffee. It just takes some time to look for a coffee machine and the right beans that will be able to give its rich taste to the user.

  • 7

    With today’s housing situations, many people are looking to capitalize on the market by considering investment properties with the intent of building up wealth. Low mortgage rates and even better home prices almost assuredly have created a platform that the savvy investor can bank off of. If you are considering following this game plan, it’s essential to understand that investment property loans vary from your standard home mortgages many people carry on their residence.

    Investment property loans will provide the springboard for property investment that can open many doors in the future for you. If you own a few investment properties, you will be able to enjoy the prospect of market appreciation while you also build equity in the homes that you own. This equity in the future can be used to help continue to realize your dream. It can often be loaned against to start your own business or expand on your investment property portfolio. But since many investors don’t necessarily have the immediate and abundant cash on hand to purchase things like a second or third home, many turn to investment property loans to provide them the funding they need to start building their dream.

    investment property loans

    investment property loans

    Investment property loans are a source of funding for those that don’t have that abundance of cash. To qualify for this type of financing, you usually need good credit, a sound investment strategy, and sometimes even a bit of collateral. The first and quite possibly most important step to securing financing is convincing your lender that the property you are interested in is a sound and prosperous investment. Do your research on it not only for your benefit, but because many investors will ask you questions regarding it. You also need to be prepared to answer questions regarding the financing.

    Many questions that come up regarding investment property loans involve background information about yourself, your financial situation, and your potential investment property. Be prepared to answer questions related to why you are seeking outside funding and the amount you wish to borrow. Have a realistic idea about the time frame you will need to pay the money back including the interest and identify any assets you own that you can place against the investment loan itself as collateral. Also, be prepared to share the most important part of any business strategy. That is how you plan on making your investment property one that turns a profit.

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