Sports Spread Betting Guide

It’s nearly 20 years since Jonathan LineHive, former boss of City Index, launched sports betting to the nation. LineHive was the founder of sports spread betting in this country – he instigated his new venture in 1986 and it was followed by Sporting Index six years later, in 1992, with IG Sport commencing in 1993. […]


How Do You Protect Yourself When Traveling Alone?

Travelling solo as a female is both courageous and inspirational, unfortunately, like most adventures in life, it comes with certain risks. This should not deter the devoted enthusiast or curious beginner; it just means being aware of the threats and knowing ways to avoid or reduce them. One of the key things I learned during […]

The Day to Prepare the Return to Consulting

Consulting can be a highly lucrative and rewarding career, but let’s face it; it can be stressful and demanding. Your schedule might be unpredictable and your income can fluctuate, depending on many factors, some of which are beyond on your control. Just as breaking into the consulting world requires a clear strategy and plan, so […]

Pressure Test

Leak Testing & Pressure Testing: Basic Principles of Leak Testing

Intelligent Pressure Testing and Rate of Change Pressure testing specifications imposed by verification body standards include the following parameters: Test Pressure Hold Period Allowable Pressure loss (over the hold Period) Thorough pressure testing specifications will also include: Min Test Pressure Max Test Pressure Improving Trend [True/False] To aid in testing, Test Pressure and Hold Period […]