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    Every man has a story to tell, as does the vehicle they happen to drive. So it makes perfect sense that the type of vehicle you own represents the type of person you are. After all, you just didn’t head to the dealership and flip a coin to see what type of vehicle you were going to buy. Not at all, your decision was one that took time and very careful consideration.

    There are, of course, variables that may be out of control. For example, you might really want to drive the Hummer or BMW off the lot but lack the financial power to do so. You may also be restricted on what type of vehicle you buy because of the type of job you have. After all, it is quite difficult to haul 2x4s around in a Mini Cooper if you happen to be a construction contractor.

    That said, it is likely that if you are in construction, you would favor a pickup truck anyway. Just as if you enjoy 4 wheel driving, you probably aren’t a huge fan of low-riding cars. And if you like going 4 wheeling, you bring along a portable air compressor, because you are smart as well as adventurous.

    Now, we aren’t trying to be too judgmental here as we present you with this list of personalities based on what you drive. Who are we kidding, we are being totally judgmental and loving every minute of it. Do, however, know that we are presenting this tongue-in-cheek and don’t get all hurt and go home crying to mommy if you disagree with our assessment. We are talking specifically to those gentlemen who drive Volkswagen Beetles of course.

    Men who drive Hyundai Elantras don’t fair much better we are afraid.

    Muscle Cars

    If you drive a muscle car, you probably love automotive history and are very familiar with terms like camshaft, headers and positraction. You probably do most repairs to your muscle car yourself because you are well-versed in the function of the gasoline engine. Besides, you don’t trust just any ordinary mechanic to rebuild the Holly 650 double-pump carburetor in your Chevy Camaro.

    You love the smell of burning rubber in the morning, want anything chrome plated for Christmas and secretly spritz WD40 on the back of your wife’s neck because the smell really turns you on.

    That, or you are a huge tool who just thinks he looks cool in a muscle car.

    best portable air compressor


    If you drive a minivan, you probably know the cartoon lineup on Nickelodeon, shop at Toys-R-Us and spend your free time wishing you had paid more attention in your high school sex education classes.

    Of course, you could also be a family man who adores his wife, loves his children and chose a minivan over an SUV for purely financial reasons. Driving a minivan doesn’t make you any less of a man, in some cases, it makes you even more of a man. Well, perhaps in some cases.

    Sports Car

    Men who own sports cars drive just for the sake of driving. They are the type of people who will drive 60 miles to hit an Applebee’s even though there is one less than five miles from your house.

    When you go for a drive, you don’t measure by distance, but from the number of laps it would have been had you been on a track.

    You might be a kid with wealthy parents or you could be an older gentleman who saved up for years to buy your dream car. This means you are frugal and good with money.

    Of course, your dream sports car could also be a reflection of what you once had, good looks, sleek body and a full head of hair. That’s right, some sports car owners are suffering a classic mid-life crisis.

    Full-Sized Pickup Truck

    If you own a full-sized pickup truck, you are just a dumb American, probably a redneck, who eats Big Macs from McDonald’s at least four times a week, watches Nascar all weekend and changes jobs every six months.

    Perhaps you are the truck owner who thinks themselves as a bold and brash man and their truck reflects their masculinity. They buy the truck with the biggest payload but have no idea what that even means.

    More realistically, truck owners are hard-working men who need a truck as hard-working as they are. They know how useful trucks are and know they need one to get the job done.

    Luxury Car

    Men who drive luxury cars are status seekers, but also highly educated and have plenty of disposable income. They are also workaholics who are very independent and don’t let others tell them what to do.


    If you drive a sedan, you value safety, reliability and a reasonable price. You love the carpool lane and you named your kids dead common names like Robert, Paul and Karen.

    You also spend your weekends mowing the lawn, washing the windows on the house and going grocery shopping; you know, practical things.

    Full-Size SUV

    If you own a full-size SUV, you probably own a mountain bike which you attach to the bike rack on the back of the vehicle. You have never ridden the mountain bike, it’s only there for looks.

    You need the full-sized SUV so you can carry all of your camping equipment, even though you haven’t been camping in 14 years.

    If you are feeling a little flushed after reading this, it is probably because we were dead on.

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    Coffee Freshness – How Do You Store Your Coffex Coffee?

    Do you enjoy our premium coffee blends? Is it the pleasant aroma, the rich taste? Everyone can agree that a superb brew always comes down to how fresh the ingredients are. Whether you purchase a single Coffex coffee packet or buy in bulk, as soon as you tear open the packet seal, there is a lot you can do to preserve the freshness of your precious Buy Coffee Beans Brisbane.

    So how should you store and use your coffee beans?

    Check the Roasted Date

    It may seem trivial and obvious but it is always worth checking the expiration and roasted dates of your stock. Avoid disappointment entirely by avoiding a packet that has been in storage for too long. Alternatively, you can be proactive in which packet to open next if you are in the habit of rotating your stock properly.

    Use a Sealed Container

    How often are you dipping into your stash of yummy coffee? Is it worth investing in a secure container? The connoisseurs at home are probably content with a plastic clip or a small plastic container. Baristas and café owners, however, may prefer to use sealed storage tubs to top up their hoppers in a flash without compromising the quality of their product.

    Don’t Refrigerate Your Beans

    Did you know that refrigerated coffee beans can affect the quality of your product? Refrigeration can form condensation and moisture which can quicken the staleness of the beans.

    Protect Your Goods

    Proper storage is essential because air, moisture, temperature and light are all factors that affect the freshness of your coffee. For more hot tips, contact the experts at Coffex.

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    Melbourne Airport (Asia Pacific Airport Corporation – Melbourne [APAM]) commenced a beautification program of works to the existing Melbourne Airport Terminals 1, 2 and 3 in the middle of 2016. As part of the program existing concrete infrastructure, including building facades, pedestrian bridges, elevated roads, carpark ramps and overpasses required painting to strict specifications.

    The APAM concrete infrastructure beautification program required conformance to a challenging timeframe and could not interrupt airport operations.

    PrimoGuard decorative coatings were chosen over competitive systems, due to a number of considerations including; no disruption to airport operations, fast application time, application in low temperature environment, and surety of completion to timelines,and previous experience and with PrimoGuard on airport bridges and overpasses.

    Nanokote was engaged to supply and install PrimoGuard functional coatings to approximately 30,000 square metres of infrastructure, being building facades, pedestrian bridges, elevated roads, carpark ramps and overpasses.

    The PrimoGuard application program required assessment of the existing concrete infrastructure (some of which was up to 40 years old), development of a detailed works program, and selection of optimal application methodologies (brush, roll and spray) in order to satisfy the customers requirements.

    By working flexible work hours, throughout days and nights, with multiple application crews deployed to separate work fronts in order to avoid disruption to passengers and airport operations, Nanokote was able to successfully complete the beautification coating program within eight weeks.

    Nanokote was able to minimize impacts to passengers and airport operations because PrimoGuard there was no requirement for the applicators to return to the work area more than once, allowing:

    • Application work to be undertake quickly
    • Minimal application interruptions due to changes and adverse weather
    • No disruption to airport and passenger traffic
    • No disruption to passengers and pedestrians in peak periods
    • Standard access equipment to be employed
    • Flexibility of moving from one work areas to another to suit operational needs
    • Substitute PrimoGuard for other coating systems on metal substrates.
    • PrimoGuard offers the following advantages to the airport :
    • Surface water ingress into the concrete is prevented, due to the PrimoGuard coating properties.
    • Existing lighting outside the Terminal entries became more effective due to the reflectivity of the coating (possibility to reduce the electricity use)
    • Concrete surfaces became easier to clean(possibly to reduce labour time)
    • concrete protective coatings less susceptible to damage from high pressure cleaning, due to the extremely strong adhesion of PrimoGuard to the concrete.

    Nanokote has been working with government authorities and private asset owners, along with specifiers around the world for more than eight years as need for next generation functional coatings materials has expanded. Best practices to achieve cost efficient design, enhanced service life, reduced maintenance costs have continued to be focal points for major infrastructure asset owners.

    PrimoGuard is a single coat system for anticarbonation and anti-corrosion requiring no priming that allows a single coat to be directly applied to dry or damp concrete.

    This replaces typical competitor coating systems requiring three-coats: primer and two separate coats of acrylic applied 24 hours apart.

    Single coat application offers for major savings when carrying out works on infrastructure where 24 hour operations exist and no disruption to operations and passengers are required.

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    You’ve set up a new gym and a lot of customers enrolled for the membership during New Year. Thanks to the New Year offers, discounts, and promotion you offered to attract more customers. You thought that your sales target for the next few months is achieved, but at the end of the first quarter you feel that your gym’s finances are on a downward trend.

    Whether you are a small gym or a large chain of several gyms, fitness marketing is a must in today’s age of competitiveness. Marketing your gym can be one of the toughest jobs, but when done right, it can help you reap a lot of benefits.

    There are several ways in which you can market your fitness club to grab more and more local customers. In some cases, word-of-mouth marketing can help you get more memberships, but that isn’t enough. You need to plan an effective fitness marketing strategy to stay competitive in the market.


    fitness marketing

    You can think of hiring an expert firm to help you plan engaging and fun campaigns for promoting your gym. Using digital marketing is one of the most popular methods these days.

    • Use the power of social networks

    Social networks are the places where people spend most of the time. Hence, there are chances that your ideal audience would view your advertisement or post and contact you personally. It can be a good idea to promote offers and provide discounts on long term memberships. Announce the discounts and offers over Facebook, Instagram, email, Twitter, and other channels.

    • Provide compelling reviews and testimonials

    A member may have lost a lot of weight with your gym membership. Some clients may have achieved their fitness goals with your products or services. You can request the clients to provide video or text testimonials. You can also write success stories of a few clients to attract more customers. Ask the existing or old members to provide reviews and testimonials as they have a great impact on people’s decision making.

    • Be transparent about your pricing and policies

    Nobody likes surprises when it comes to membership charges for the gym they are planning to join. Be clear about your pricing and the policies so that the clients can know whether your gym fits into their budget or not. Make sure that you mention the pricing on your website and other social media platforms. This will also help you grab relevant customers who may be interested in joining your gym.

    The sky’s the limit when it comes to fitness marketing. You can use one or multiple strategies to run profitable campaigns and boost your sales. Gym owners can make use of free and paid forms of advertising to market their gyms and make more profits. You can hire the right agency to help you with custom fitness marketing solutions that generate the maximum ROI.

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