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    Everyone knows that washing your car on a regular basis is a good idea. It is certainly a good idea to wash off the road salt that accumulates during a typical Alberta winter. And, there is the usual buildup of dirt and grime that goes with pets in the car, transporting gardening and building supplies, or messy little kids. Washing your car, vacuuming the interior and cleaning the interior windows and surfaces simply make your car more livable. After all, many of us spend a fair amount of time every day in our vehicles. For an excellent Calgary car wash, residents can come to Top Gear Car Wash. But, when your car needs a more thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior then a great car detailing Calgary service is warranted at Top Gear Car Wash. But, is detailing your car in Calgary worth it?

    Why Is Auto Detailing Important in Calgary?

    For many people, car detailing sounds rather involved. Why can’t you just run your auto through the self-service car wash Calgary residents use at Top Gear Car Wash? Why isn’t washing your car once a month and power polishing it once a year enough?

    The point of auto detailing Calgary is to help your car recover from the daily grind of children, pets, home improvement supplies, camping equipment, the Christmas tree needles that have found a permanent home in your trunk, and spilled coffee stains. The point of car detailing is also to keep your car’s finish like new and not just clean.

    To keep your car in a “livable” condition and to help retain its resale value, the car detailing Calgary enjoys by Top Gear Car Wash is absolutely worth it!

    What Does Car Detailing Involve?

    When you bring your car to Top Gear Car Wash in Calgary for detailing, you get interior shampooing, professional vinyl cleaning, and conditioning, thorough leather cleaning and conditioning as well as engine cleaning and shampooing. Wiping down the interior surfaces of your car moves the majority of dirt and grim but not all of it. The same applies to vacuuming the interior or simply washing your car. These are necessary services at least once a month but to get your car clean inside and out, Calgary detailing services are preferable.

    A big part of good car detailing is just taking the time to effectively clean out every nook and cranny and to leave your car in the pristine state it was when it left the showroom. Then it involves using professional cleaning supplies and tools. For your car’s exterior, good auto detailing means fixing all of the nicks and scrapes to return the car’s finish to its original condition.

    A thorough auto detailing includes services like shampooing seats, leather cleaning, comprehensive leather protection, and application of stain guard fabric protection.

    Folks often ask does car detailing remove scratches. Yes, it does. Exterior care may require the use of a clay bar to remove minor stains, built-up road film, or rusting brake dust. Then it involves a professional shine and long term surface protection. The end result of professional car detailing will be an exterior that looks like new.

    Tire cleaning is part of a good detailing job and can include deep cleaning of wheels and addition of rim protection.

    An engine shampoo to remove grime and grit may also be advisable.

    What you need in terms of detailing will vary with the age of your vehicle and the amount of wear and tear it has experienced. But, in the end, if you take better care of your vehicle, it will take better care of you!

    When you come to Top Gear Car Wash for the car detailing Calgary deserves, you will make your car more livable and maintain its resale value as well.

    Are Calgary Detailing Services Worth It?

    When you are wondering is detailing your car worth it, the first question really is how good do you want your car to look? When you are wondering how much does it cost to detail a car interior, the question should be, how much is it worth to have a great looking car instead of a vehicle that looks old and worn out? You really do not have to pay all that much for auto detailing services. Take a look at the prices on the Top Gear Car Wash detailing page. You will see that there are substantial discounts across the board.

    The third question is, how much is your car worth? When you sell a car, the first impression of the prospective buyer comes from how good your car looks. Professional auto detailing provides that great first impression that may just net you another $1,000 or more in resale value of your auto.

    For our automobile enthusiasts who love their vehicles, we offer amazing deals on the paint protection of their prized possession through our ceramic nano coating technology as well as XPel satin finish protection.

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    Heineken is leaning into Cannabis-beverages. Following the lead of several major brewers, the Dutch beer maker is taking a gamble on the growing market for cannabis drinks. A few weeks back, the craft beer Lagunitas, which is wholly owned by Heineken, launched a new brand specializing in beverages that swap out alcohol for THC.

    The drinks being produced are the new brand are called Hi-Fi Hops and are currently available in two different varieties: one with 10mg of THC (the psychoactive compound found in cannabis) and another with a CBD-THC blend featuring 5mg of each.

    The move by beer makers to break into the cannabis industry is likely a matter of self-preservation. As Business Insider puts it “many major beer labels – including Heineken beer specials – have been plagued by what analysts say is a lack of interest among millennial.”

    Cannabis sales, however, are up – particularly edibles. So cashing in on this new market could help struggling members of the beer industry.

    But if you’re looking to get your hands on one of these new brews, you might have a hard time since they’re only available in California right now. And coming in at $8 a can, they aren’t cheap either. But the extra fee is probably worth not suffering a hangover anyway.

    The above article was originally published on Civilized, and the article can be found here

    Whilst you can purchase your Heineken here at Hellodrinks Online Liquor, we don’t think we will be seeing the Cannabis version in Australia anytime soon.

    Check out our growing Range of Beers here at Hellodrinks.

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    Consulting can be a highly lucrative and rewarding career, but let’s face it; it can be stressful and demanding. Your schedule might be unpredictable and your income can fluctuate, depending on many factors, some of which are beyond on your control. Just as breaking into the consulting world requires a clear strategy and plan, so does re-entering industry.

    Make Sure That Exiting Consulting is Right for You

    You’ve heard the saying “The grass is always greener on the other side.” But is it really? If you’re considering transitioning back to a permanent role from consulting, it might be because you think it will be easier to leave the hustle behind for a more stable situation. The reality is that virtually every job has its pros and cons. It’s up to you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and determine what’s right for you. What are some of the pros to a permanent position?

    Improved Work/Life Balance

    At the end of the day, as a permanent employee, you can generally leave your work at the office. As a consultant, it’s very difficult to separate work from home life. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already worked 40 hours as a consultant. You work as many hours as it takes to get the job done and satisfy your client. You may also spend a lot of time and energy looking for the next gig.

    Better View of Your Impact

    As a consultant, you step into the project, complete deliverables, and move on to the next initiative. You might never see the results of your efforts become a reality. However, as a permanent employee, you’ll likely experience the satisfaction of benefiting from your efforts.

    Steadier Paycheck and Benefits

    Sure, there’s a lot of money to be made in consulting, but in some industries or fields, you may experience a “feast or famine” situation. As a permanent employee, you don’t have to worry about market fluctuations. You don’t have to chase clients for payments. You can anticipate a consistent, steady paycheck (and benefits), regardless of how busy you are.

    What matters most to you? Be sure that returning to a permanent position aligns with your needs and expectations.

    Determine What You Want to Do

    You need to know where you want to go to build an effective roadmap. What industry are you targeting? What job type? What level? Are the prospects for your target strong in your geographical area, or would you need to move to a new location? As a consultant, you’ve likely acquired a broad range of talents as you’ve completed projects; you must figure out how you want to apply that expertise and for whom.

    Do Your Homework

    Just because you’ve got a wide range of skills and might have been exposed to many industries, don’t assume you know everything. When stepping into a new permanent role, you’ll need to learn as much as you can about the required skills and the industry. There may be a sharp learning curve, and doing your research before you accept an offer can help make the transition a little smoother. Review job specs, talk to peers in similar roles, and really get to know the industry you’re targeting. You may have some skills or knowledge gaps that you need to fill.

    Polish Your Career Branding Materials

    Once you know your target and the skills and knowledge required, you’ll need a compelling career marketing portfolio to get your foot in the door. You’ve only got a few moments to impress a recruiter or hiring decision maker. You need persuasive branding materials to make your case and capture an employer’s attention. Undoubtedly, you’ve picked up a wealth of skills and expertise as a consultant, but if you don’t present them effectively in your resume, Best Cover Letter Writing Service, or LinkedIn profile, for instance, you’ll likely miss out on opportunities. Don’t assume that a colleague’s recommendation will be enough to land an interview, even at a high level. And don’t wait until the last minute to update your materials!

    Network, Network, Network

    best cover letter writing service

    As you pursue permanent employment, you’ll still need your business contacts, just as much as you did as a consultant. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to land a job is through networking. As the saying goes, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” That certainly applies when you’re searching for your next career opportunity. As you exit consulting, be sure you don’t burn any bridges. Maybe you had a poor experience during a prior consulting engagement with a certain client. Don’t let that affect your networking. Keep a positive attitude and outlook, and communicate often with your connections. You never know when your next career opportunity might pop up.

    Time Your Exit Appropriately

    You’ve found an awesome executive opportunity at the company of your dreams and you really want to take the leap. Do your best to time your exit from consulting properly. You don’t want to leave in the middle of a project and risk tarnishing your reputation, for example. Try to close your consulting gig on good terms with your client (or clients). Who knows; you may want to return to consulting in the future.

    After a few years of consulting, you may find that it’s time to move on. If that’s the case, you’ll need to be strategic to enable a seamless transition. Determine your end goal, build a plan, and follow through. You’ve got the skills; make the most of them!

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    You are not moving, but your daughter is and she wants to take the piano with her. Packing up her belongings and putting them in the car is not a big problem. But you are asking yourself, how should I move a piano? Is this a job for a couple of strong guys and a pickup, or is there more to it? At Helping Hands Family Movers, our moving companies Edmonton include moving pianos. Here is a bit of information about what is involved.

    Moving a Piano in Edmonton

    A piano is a large, heavy, and delicate musical instrument. If it roughly handled during the move, the smallest problem may be that it has to be tuned at its new location. That assumes that the movers did not drop it, scratch it, or otherwise cause structural damage. An issue when moving a piano during a cold Alberta winter is that the soundboard may crack or its glue joints may come loose. Pianos are ideally kept in rooms with a constant 20 degree Celsius temperature. A rapid temperature change down to minus 20 degrees may result in a large, heavy, and not-so-musical instrument arriving at its destination!

    Thus, piano moving requires skill, knowledge, preparation, a sufficiently large moving crew, and the right equipment.

    A piano can weigh as little as 140 kilograms or more than 500 kilograms. Your piano moving company will need to have dollies that can support this amount of weight and even a way to hoist the piano out of a window if bringing the piano down a set of remodeled stairs is not possible!

    And, the value of a piano may range from purely sentimental value to more than $100,000 for a Steinway Grand Piano. It is important that your piano mover is insured. As noted on our FAQ page, we are fully insured and carry workman’s compensation insurance for our workers.

    Taking the Piano Apart in Order to Move It

    A baby grand or grand piano stands on narrow legs. These must be removed before moving or you will not be able to get the piano out of the house and into its new location. This needs to be done after turning the piano on its side while protecting its surface with blankets and protective wrapping. The piano parts are then wrapped and secured before moving them out of the house and into the moving van. It is important to have the right tools to both take the piano apart and assemble it again at its new destination.

    Measure the Piano before Moving It

    It is important to measure both the piano and the sizes of doorways, staircases, or elevators before starting the move. Taking a piano from a living room and straight out the front door simply requires enough people and the right equipment such as a dolly that can support the weight involved. But, when a grand piano has been in an Edmonton home for years, subsequent remodeling may have made an easy exit impossible. As professional movers, Helping Hands Family Movers moving services include knowing how to get pianos out of windows or winch them down from a second-story room. We also know how to transport a piano on a cold winter day in Alberta by using proper insulation, doing an efficient move, and warming the moving van as needed.

    Moving a Piano across Edmonton or across Canada

    At Helping Hands Family Movers of Edmonton, we will be happy to move your daughter’s piano from your home to her new lodgings on the other side of town. And, if she is moving to Calgary, Vancouver, or Toronto, we do long distance moving of pianos as well. For our moving rates for piano moving or any questions about moving for your home or office, contact us at Helping Hands Family Movers.

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