Legal Translation and Interpretation Service Providers

We live in a world where there are unlimited ethnicities, cultures, and languages. Inevitably, we have to communicate in order to grow. Especially in this global world where businesses are being grown over the internet throughout the world and to succeed globally, you have to communicate with an international audience with different languages.

You can’t restrict your business, education, or travel just because of the language barrier. To make your business resonate in a vast market’s native language, you need services of translation and interpretation. There are amazing language translators and interpreter companies out there that cater to translation and interpretation services throughout the world. 

People often confuse translation and interpretation with each other and choose translators only. You need a company that offers both translation and interpretation to get a better approach. Let’s see what the difference between both is! 

Difference between Translation and Interpretation

Basically, both things work likewise as both convert one language into another, but the process is a little different. 


Interpretation is a kind of a service in which the interpreter translates the spoken language verbally or orally. It can be done in sign language or sentence by sentence during the conversation. It is live delivery, simultaneous or consecutive delivery of the meaning of original speech into the native language without the use of dictionaries or other materials at the moment.

Interpreters transpose the language within actual context, preserving its actual meaning while rephrasing idioms, catchphrases according to culturally specific meanings so that audiences understand effectively. 

Interpretations can be done on projects like meetings, conferences, online conferences, online meetings, live TV coverage, sign languages, etc.


The translation is somewhat a written form of transposing source language. One of the most prominent differences between translation and interpretation is that the translators use tech aid tools in their processes like grammar check tools, spelling correctors. And the ultimate one is a translation memory (TM). By applying this, the text automatically translates the source language. 

The translator further goes through the text thoroughly, checks for the errors, may refer to glossaries to determine the quality. Further, the translator passes it to specialists to proofread and then convert the document into the original format, and consider it done.

Translations can be worked on any kind of written information like video subtitles, documents, software, websites, contracts, letters, software, print, etc.

Which Service Should You Go For? 

The difference is shortly summed up above. Now that you know the difference between translation and interpretation come to explore what suits you the best according to your needs. If your work is more related to written documents like Research, articles, subtitles, letters, and stuff like that. You should go for the legal translation near me option. But, if your business involves online or general meetings, conferences with international companies globally, you should opt for interpreters.

There are companies that offer both services like Al Syed Legal Translation in Dubai. So, it is a preferable option to choose such companies. And the reason is that they can cater to you with both assistances because you may need different services urgently for different projects. 

Following is a brief detail of what an up to the scratch legal translation and interpretation service provider offers.

How Legal Translation and Interpretation Service Providers help

To level up your business at the international level, it involves a lot of communication in the form of emails, ads, websites, blogs, documents, contracts, and so on. If you ignore considering translation services incorporation in your business, you could miss a vast market outside the box. To enter the global business sphere, you must open the barrier of language. 

Video and Over the Phone Interpretation

Communication between two parties or conference calls with individuals having different languages can be interpreted by translation service providers over a call or video call. Certified companies have professional linguists specialist interpreters who simultaneously interpret the calls. They make sure that every call is handled efficiently. For example:

  • Spanish to Arabic interpretation
  • Mandarin Chinese to Arabic translation
  • Arabic to Mandarin Chinese translation

or so on based on your project requirements.

Legal Documents and Written Translations

Send your documents, agreements, and any kind of paperwork to the translation company to get it translated in your native language or from native language or source language to English. Professional companies have linguists and experts of languages that can work fast and efficiently.

They can also help write a document for you that you provide in your native language, and they translate it to an English professional document with minimal to zero error possibilities. No matter if it’s from Mandarin Chinese to English translation, Standard Chinese to Arabic translation, Arabic to Standard Chinese translation, or so on.


Summing up all of the above-mentioned things it is obvious that you should incorporate a professional legal translation provider service to extend the reach of your business globally and conquer the language barrier to communicate with a vast international market and audience.

For this, you have to choose wisely a service provider that caters to your needs of language translation and interpretation as per your company’s needs. Translation works for written documents, whereas interpretation means simultaneous oral translation of source language. And you need not only written but also verbal communication. It is always better to opt for one that offers both services so that it is handy to get any service needed from one place.

There are legal translation service providers in Dubai that are serving exquisitely in the language translation field like Al Syed Legal Translation. You can get a wide range of translations and interpretations from Spanish to Arabic translation, Mandarin Chinese to Arabic translation, Arabic to Mandarin Chinese translation, Mandarin Chinese to English translation, Standard Chinese to Arabic translation, Arabic to Standard Chinese translation, and many more.

So, it is better to get your translation service providers as soon as possible if you don’t have any yet. Al Syed Legal Translation offers a one-stop destination for translation and interpretation services of a vast range of languages. Contact us for all kinds of translation needs, and we will get your job done!