How to Avoid Getting Surgery for Chronic Pain

People trying to find a pain management doctor Yardley PA will often do this to avoid surgery. After all, pain clinics like Performance Pain are widely acclaimed for being effective ways to treat chronic pain without resorting to drastic measures like this. Below, we will cover some of the basic ways that you can avoid surgery for your chronic pain condition.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often the best way that you can heal from chronic pain without ever needing surgery. A trained physical therapist will press your body to its limits to help it naturally repair itself and heal from your chronic pain conditions. Think of physical therapy as a form of exercise that will give your body the tools it was lacking to heal itself naturally.

Cutting Bad Habits

There are many possible bad habits that you can have that can impact your body’s natural ability to defend from chronic pain conditions. Typically, these habits are bad diet habits or drug abuse. However, bad habits can also include the patient not taking action from home for treating their chronic pain in a manner prescribed by a pain doctor.

Non-Invasive Procedures

Some cases of chronic pain will need a bit more than natural remedies and therapy to be brought under control. In instances like these, you might be a candidate for a non-invasive procedure. Often times, these are as simple as giving you a small injection before the procedure is completely finished. Non-invasive procedures are great for helping you get relief without the heavy trauma otherwise required by surgery.


Acupuncture is one of the most ancient treatments for chronic pain. Today, it is still seen throughout the medical community as a great way to heal from chronic pain conditions. This basic procedure works by inserting fine needles into particular points in the body that can help release endorphins, pain-relieving chemicals, and mood elevators like serotonin. When paired with other natural treatments such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, healthy eating, exercise, and so on, this is can be extremely effective in the fight against chronic pain.


Solutions for Chronic Pain- Matt Wiederholz, MD

One of the things that a good pain management doctor in Yardley PA will tell you for common chronic pain conditions like those found in the back is that you can start practicing yoga along with meditation to help heal naturally. Yoga is great for fixing many back conditions such as scoliosis, whereas meditation will help you keep mental health issues caused by your pain in check.

Need Professional Help and a Full Treatment Plan for Chronic Pain?

If you want to find a great pain management doctor in Yardley PA then be sure to consider coming in to see us here at Performance Pain. Only a small percentage of our clients with chronic pain conditions end up needing surgery. If you want to try healing with natural methods that avoid surgery and pain medications, come in today for a free consultation with us at Performance Pain.