How to apply for a golf handicap?

How to apply for a golf handicap

Every SGA Golf Club Handicap is an officially recognized body of Golf Australia. It is valid at any course in the world. It operates under the World Handicap System! There is also full insurance protection provided. It is by Golf Australia’s PIP.

The facilities provided by SGA

  • Official Golf Australia handicap for 12 months.
  • Provides GOLF Link number and handicap swipe card
  • One can play in local tournaments as well as state and national competitions
  • The playing history can be tracked and retained by any club where one plays
  • There is the help provided for electronics/ mobile scoring and Live Leader boards in any events 
  • As per Golf Australia’s Personal Insurance Plan, $20m of Insurance is provided.
  • The cost is very low to get an official golf handicap in Australia.

SGA has been the forerunner in providing social how to apply golf handicap throughout the years. More than 9000 golfers have received official handicaps through Social Golf Australia’s services since 2004.SGA is the recognized leader in the industry. Provides flexibility and choice for all the golfers listed. 

GOLF Link from the Golf Australia website:

GOLF Link is Golf Australia’s national computerized golf handicapping system started officially in January 1999. Members have facilities to swipe plastic cards to access handicaps at Golf clubs in and around Australia! The card helps in updating handicaps, verifying club memberships, and taking part in any competitions! It is a centralized system partnered with Golf Australia. All golfers are issued with a GOLF Link handicap card. It can be used by club systems to identify the golfer to the national handicapping system.

The master benefits of implementing the GOLF Link are given below:

  • It provides a uniform method of identification
  • Return of uniform method of identification
  • Help provided in rules & regulations of handicapping rules
  • Provides time and again special offers for golfers

The methodology provided by SGA Golf Club to individual members to access official golf handicap:

apply for a golf handicap
  1. All members should agree to receive Golf Australia and GOLF Link marketing and promotional material.
  2. All members should authorize Social Golf Australia to disclose membership details to Golf Australia as per the Privacy Amendment Act 2000 (C/W)
  3. All members need to submit to the SGA handicapper scores of 54 holes, below 12 months, which is signed by an approved partner affiliated with Australian golf.
  4. The card needs to show the scores and par for each hole with signatures and Playing Conditions Calculation. It is set at 0 by default during the submission of cards.
  5. Members accept that some private clubs restrict entry in their club competitions always!

6. Members accept that some private clubs restrict entry into their club competitions.

7. The handicap will not be issued until full payment is received.

8. The SGA Golf Club agrees to promote and uphold the rules of Golf Australia handicaps with their Home Club Golf link number.

9. The payment is crucial as the Australian handicaps will not be issued until the total payment is received.

10. The SGA club has set rules to promote and uphold the rules of Golf!