How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Custom Mobile Application?

Custom Mobile Application

Are you looking to build your custom mobile application? The very common question that most of the brands or developers ask is the cost to build custom app development or the budget.

The cost of developing a mobile application depends on several factors. For example, an in-house mobile application would cost you less, whereas if you hire your own development team or outsource it would cost more. Similarly, we will discuss more such factors in the following sections.

Breakdown of custom app development cost

Application Utility and its demand:

Basically, this covers, what your Application will be solving and who all will be using it.

Devices supported and platform:

it is based on whether you are looking to develop an Android mobile Application or iOS as well. And different devices it will support such as iPad, desktops, tablets, phones, laptops, iPhones, and much more.

Integration tools:

Will your App require some third-party tools that you would like to integrate into your Application?

User Interface and Design:

How complex will be your mobile Application development to design or make a user Interface.

Smartphone hardware support:

Whether the custom app development would require the building of support for Augment Reality tech, GPS Navigation, and much more.

After Development maintenance and Support:

Would like to get long-term support for maintaining the custom mobile Application or you will hire someone else.

These are some typical benchmarks that determine the cost of building mobile applications. All the benchmarks have been researched by the different custom mobile application development companies.

What does the mobile Application development include in its cost?

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Mobile App Maintenance: if there is any software, it will need some maintenance and there will be a cost associated with it. Most of the companies charge from 15 to 20 percent of the total mobile application development cost. The maintenance will cover engagement, marketing, updates, licenses, hosting, and monitoring of the application.

Engagement and Marketing

The marketing of mobile applications is quite important, it will help you to engage with all your existing customers and onboard new customers.

App Updates

Since technologies keep on changing, there will be many instances, where your developer would recommend you to use improvised versions of different Databases or UI Software. And also, sometimes there can be bugs or security flaws that need to be improved.


If you are using any third-party tools in your mobile application, then you need to buy licenses for it since you would be using it for commercial purposes. The license cost depends upon different factors.


Whenever you decide to get a cost estimation for custom app development, you need to understand the team location and the complexity of development.

Based on the OS that you choose whether iOS or Android, you need to pay charges accordingly since they both have different technologies used for development. For more details, you can search some custom mobile app development companies that would offer you a quotation.