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    Are you looking forward to spring shopping but you know for a fact that your closet can’t take it anymore?

    Well, it’s a familiar feeling especially for those who feel the need to shop for every occasion and season.

    If you really feel the need to upgrade your closet with spring gear, you definitely have to make room.
    De-cluttering your closet is quite a challenge especially if you normally tend to form emotional attachments to your stuff.

    To some, this may turn out to be a genuine struggle hence the need to let in a professional. We understand if it’s difficult for you so we take the process a step at a time and help you see reason when choosing the infamous; trash, keep and donate pile.

    Going through your storage may means a few hours to some and a few days for others.

    Elsa Elbert, who is a Los Angeles professional organizer, is here to help with 8 key questions to ask yourself while going through clothes and stuff in your closet.

    1. Does it Fit?

    Are you still holding on to that pretty black dress that you wore while you were 100 pounds? If you haven’t gone back to that size in the past few years then it simply means that the dress has been wasting closet space for far too long. It’s time to let it go. Pile on everything that you no longer wear, breathe in, picture the new stuff that’s going to occupy that space and toss them into the ‘give away’ pile. See? This can be a fun and easy.

    2. Does it Still Make Sense?

    True, those bills and letters from the bank made sense when the news was fresh but are they of any use now? Studies show that people tend to hold on to past documents especially if they bore vital information at some point in time. Once things have served their purpose, they need to get discarded. It’s the rule of nature. So pick up the ‘trash it’ basket and pile on the old school newsletters, old bills, advertising fliers and any other paperwork that long served its purpose.

    3. Does it Still Work?

    With the technology craze going on in today’s world, we are constantly upgrading our gadgets and appliances. Once you replace an item, it is best that you get rid of the old one. Unfortunately, this stuff often finds its way back to our storage spaces. It’s time to let go of the dead tablets, the web of phone chargers, old kitchen appliances, gadget parts and any other thing you might be holding on to. If the old fashioned TV still works but hasn’t been used since you bought the new one then it’s time to donate it. There are a lot of people in the world who’d really use it.

    4. Does It Make Sense?

    There’s a single sheet, a lone sock, ill fitting underwear, lids to missing containers, depleted product containers and irreparable shoe in almost all hoarders closets. Although new and cute, we know that they’ll never be used again. In this case, it is time to let go of this stuff and make room for new bedding, shoes, and underwear. Donate the lone sheets and trash the lids.

    5. Does it Belong?

    Another effective technique to help get rid of old stuff is to envision it in the stores right now. Hold it in your hands and be genuine when asking yourself “would I buy it now?”. A tea kettle cover may have made sense back in the day but it should have been disposed of when you stopped using the tea kettle.

    Do you really need the old fashioned cowboy hat that you wore back in the 60’s? Do you see yourself wearing it outdoors anytime soon? If the answer is no then you know what to do. I cannot count the number of times that people bargain and try to convince themselves that they’ll wear such items. If you haven’t found use for it for at least 12 months then it needs to go.

    6. Do They Still Need It?

    Every parent sees their child as a baby no matter how grown they are. We tend to attach most emotions in our kid’s items. That tiny sock reminds you of how snugly your child would fit in the palm of your hands. It’s cute and understandable but aren’t the pictures of your newborn son in your family album a better memory? Now that your little prince has advanced to a big boy bed now means that it’s time for his crib, bedding and overhead mobile to find a new home. Gather all their kiddie toys and equipment and put them in the donate pile.

    7. Really Now?

    Some things really don’t belong in our homes let alone our storage spaces. Items such as expired makeup, empty nail polish containers, depleted lotion tubes and product boxes. There’s absolutely no good reason as to why this completely useless stuff still exists in our homes. They should have found their way to the trash can immediately their purpose seized. Anyway, the point of the matter is, throw them away.

    8. Is Safe for Use?

    Take a mental trip to your pantry. Are there expired spices and sauces in there? If it took you more than 10 seconds to give an answer then you know that they exist. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a hoarder, some stuff just gets forgotten in there and before we know it, they are past their expiry date. Make it a rule to clean out your pantry whenever you’re going grocery shopping. While arranging the new stuff, ensure that you put the old ingredients at the front so that they get exhausted before opening the new cans and bottles.

    How to Hire a Professional Organizer

    Spring cleaning is a therapeutic exercise. I understand that this may be an emotional venture for you especially if the stuff seems to hold sentimental value to you. Truth be told, everyone feels much better after bagging their old and no longer useful stuff. That is a great reason why you should hire a professional organizer is helpful since they have an easier time getting rid of your stuff. You’ll tend to feel happier and more accomplished after making all those difficult decisions and breaking invisible cords of attachment with your items.

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    While the floor sometimes seems like an afterthought when designing or remodeling a home, it can actually set the tone for the entire room. The material you choose for the floor can make the difference between cozy, stately, or industrial, and can also help determine the decor and materials for the rest of the room. Here are some of the most popular flooring options for homes, as well as what type of spaces they work best in.


    These types of floors are often highly coveted by homeowners because of their luxurious look and feel. They come in a variety of colors and can be used in various finishes as well, although they tend to be on the darker side. Although they can be costly to install, they look stunning and are highly durable. They require very little maintenance after installation, and can be cleaned much more easily than carpet. However, they can be somewhat noisy, which means they aren’t the greatest choice for apartments or multi-level homes.

    Ceramic Tile

    Tile is a great look for kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms, and can be used in many different designs and arrangements. They make a particularly good choice for families with young children because they are stain resistant and very easy to clean. However, they are very hard and unforgiving on the feet, so they aren’t great choices for comfortable rooms like living rooms or bedrooms. The grout that is used on ceramic tile is also somewhat difficult to clean and maintain.


    This natural material resembles wood, but has a lighter yellow-ish color. It is environmentally friendly, which is why many people love it as an alternative to hardwood. However, it isn’t a great choice for areas of the home that are exposed to too much sun or water. This is because the material is susceptible to damage from these elements.


    Many people love the luxurious look of stone throughout their home. It feels very smooth underfoot and looks very sleek and modern. However, it can be very difficult to install and it is very expensive as well, so remodeling with a stone floor is not for the faint of heart. These floors are a great option for those looking to increase the value of their home, or those who want a highly durable flooring option.


    Carpeted floors are usually the best option for comfortable living spaces like dens or bedrooms. They insulate heat and sound, so they are good for multi-level homes, or homes in cooler climates. Additionally, it comes in a variety of patterns and styles, so you can really customize the look of a carpeted home.

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    Incorporating color into your home remodeling project is a must – it livens up the space and gives it a distinct personality. Whether you go for a whole wall of color or just a few accents, it’s important to decide what type of colors you want to incorporate before completing the design plan. Different colors can actually have their own unique impact on how people feel when they enter the room, so it’s important to choose wisely. Here are some of our favorite colors to work with and what they mean.

    Red/Orange – Warm and Inviting

    Red is the ultimate pop of color, whether it’s in fashion or home decor. Incorporating reds and oranges into your decor is a great way to make the space more friendly and fun to spend time in. However, red can be very overwhelming when used in large doses, so it’s important to be careful about where you place it. This is because it can make your mood more energetic, but also more aggressive. Reds work very well in social areas of the home, like living rooms, dining rooms, and entryways.

    Deep Blue – Calming

    Blue is the perfect color for spaces where you really want to relax. This is because it symbolizes tranquility. However, it can also increase focus and make people more productive. Because of this, it makes a great color for bedrooms, home offices, and workout rooms. Since blue pairs well with other colors, it is a great base color for any room.

    Yellow – Bright and Optimistic

    Yellow accents work well in kitchens or entryways because they make people feel cheery and grabs their attention right away. However, just like red, it can be overwhelming and make people feel aggressive when used in overwhelming quantities. Adding small pops of yellow trim or decor elements to a kitchen is a great way to help wake up in the morning during breakfast. It’s also a good color to add to offices because it can increase focus. It pairs particularly well with blues and greens.

    Green – Fresh

    Since green is a very easy and relaxing color for the eye to absorb, it is a favorite of interior decorators. It also has been known to symbolize both nature and wealth, two things that people value and enjoy seeing in their homes. It is a great choice for any room where you like to relax, like a bedroom or living room. Many hospitals use it as well because it promotes healing, so it can work in a bathroom too. This is the perfect color to help you feel happier and more optimistic without being too overwhelming or energizing.

    Purple – Elegant yet Sympathetic

    Because purple is the color of royalty, it is often used by people who want to make their homes appear more elegant. It works well as a color for an accent wall, a rug, or a piece of furniture like a rug or a table. It also can encourage people to be more compassionate and understanding towards each other, so it is a good color to put in your living room or dining room to help people socialize more effectively.

    Pink – Loving

    This color is the most romantic and tender of all, and promotes very understanding and sympathetic conversation. Unlike red, it is actually very tranquilizing. This is why it is often used in children’s rooms or in gathering spaces as an accent color.


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