• driving lesson

    Learning to drive can be scary – if you’ve never driven before then suddenly being in control of a powerful vehicle can be very daunting. There are, however, some simple steps to take to help keep you and others around you safe, and once you feel secure learning to drive won’t be half as stressful! These tips are useful to bear in mind when learning, but will also stand you in good stead once you’ve passed your test.

    First things first – always wear a seat belt. It seems so obvious, but make sure you wear it, even if you’re just driving a short way. A large number of accidents occur close to the home, so there really is no excuse not to buckle up – and make sure all passengers buckle up, too. Never allow more people in the car than you have seatbelts for them to use. Even if you’re just practicing parking in a bay in a deserted car park, just take the extra second or two to buckle up.

    Obey the speed limit. It can be frustrating to restrict your speed if you’re in a hurry, or if the road ahead seems empty. However, if you’re going faster than you should be you are giving yourself less time to stop or react should someone unexpectedly step out in front of you. The possible prison sentence you would receive for killing someone wouldn’t be as bad as the guilt you would carry for the rest of your life – speeding really isn’t worth it. And don’t forget, if something happens when someone is in the car with you helping you to practice, you’re not only endangering them, they too will feel guilt for allowing you to make a mistake on their watch.


    Don’t drive like you own the road, drive like you own the car. This means that if you drive defensively – in other words if you drive carefully and safely rather than arrogantly and dangerously, you are much more likely to stay safe and keep others safe. It’s unlikely you’ll own the car you learn in, but when you use it, try to behave as though you do. Look after the car – make sure it always has enough petrol so that you never get stranded, keep the oil and water topped up and keep the windscreen clean – light reflecting off a dirty windshield can momentarily blind you from seeing the road ahead.

    You will have heard it said but never, ever drink and drive. Many people will have ‘just the one’ before driving home, but really, is it worth the risk? You might be legal, but you won’t be as quick to react if you would if you stuck to orange juice, and sometimes a second or two can make all the difference. The same goes for drugs – never mix anything with driving if it affects your brain in any way. Your reaction times get quicker with experience of a driving lesson, so if you’re learning then your reaction times will be slower – you really don’t want to impede yourself further by drinking or taking drugs before hopping into the driving seat.

    It’s very tempting to listen to loud music in the car, whether with friends or on your own, but try to resist turning the volume right up. You’ll soon learn how to listen to the car’s engine and you’ll know when something is wrong with it just from the way it sounds, and for a learner, it’s just as important to be able to make sure you hear noises outside the car immediately. Even an experienced driver can panic when they see blue lights flashing behind them, so it’s best to know as soon as possible when an ambulance needs to get past by listening out for the sirens. Also, if you’re making a mistake, other drivers will often let you know by beeping their horns – so it’s best to keep music low in order to be as aware as possible of your surroundings.

  • Workplace Violence

    Workplace Violence – Solving the Problem

    “I knew something like this would happen.”

    That’s a phrase uttered all too frequently by co-workers of an active attack suspect.

    Your bank’s employees represent your best chance to mitigate workplace violence (WPV) risk. The challenge is to equip those employees with the knowledge and means to safeguard your business. That stewardship mindset, which views employees as custodians of your bank’s reputation and safety, requires equipping staff to understand the “Three R’s” of workplace violence: Recognizing the warning signs and indicators; Reporting concerns, and Responding appropriately when the risk becomes a reality.

    In an earlier installment of this two-part workplace violence prevention series, we discussed the basic building blocks of a workplace violence policy and program including the four types of WPV, the data, and definitions behind WPV, crafting a corporate policy, and engaging employees in reporting and response. In this article, we explore in depth the essential elements of an employee-driven stewardship model that protect your bank and its people from harm—i.e. the “Three R’s.”

    Recognize Warning Signs

    Any successful Workplace Violence Programs prevention and response program teaches employees to identify the warning signs and indicators of potential violence. Security and risk professionals as well as local, state or federal law enforcement, are all available to assist with training your employees to understand the behavioral signs of impending violence in their co-workers, customers, and other professional or personal contacts. On-line and video learning modules can also be utilized for training sessions, brown-bag lunch meetings or professional development days.

    Teaching the WPV warning signs also means dispelling the myths often perpetuated by media reports following spectacular mass attacks or shootings. For example, when neighbors or distant relatives of an attacker are interviewed they sometimes say things like, “He just snapped,” or “This came out of the blue.”

    The Reality is Quite Different, However

    People don’t “just snap.” Comprehensive studies of mass attacks reveal a clear path to violence that moves from aspirational to acting out—sometimes quite quickly if the right triggers present themselves.

    In the recent Parkland, Fla., high-school shooting, classmates, faculty, and neighbors of the shooter saw the warning signs and indicators and notified law enforcement or other officials dozens of times. To those who knew him, the Parkland school shooter most certainly did not “just snap” but was on a path to violence in the absence of intervention.

    Commonly recognized warning signs include:

    • Obsessing (preoccupation or constant worry about a single issue)

    • Disturbing writings or drawings

    • Talk of hurting others or themselves

    • References to weapons and/or violence

    • Menacing or erratic conduct

    These concerns are heightened when coupled with diminished performance; frequent unplanned absences or tardiness; poor co-worker relations; divorce or break-ups; unexplained bruises; and restraining orders. In fact, data tells us the leading root cause of workplace violence is domestic tension that spills into the workplace.


    Reporting—Make it Easy

    In dozens of interviews with co-workers and family members of mass attack suspects, a common articulated theme is that they knew something was wrong and could end in violence, but they didn’t know what to do or who to tell.

    Once employees become familiar with the indicators, management must provide a means for them to act on their concerns and then must have a mechanism in place to responsibly address those concerns. Your WPV policy should include multiple avenues for employees to comfortably report their concerns without fear of retribution. Even anonymous reporting, sometimes frowned upon in other matters, should be made available to employees, especially in small environments.

    Reporting methods should be communicated to employees in numerous ways. These include posters in break-rooms, email reminders, and intranet home page links to a reporting tool. Small banks in particular, where “everybody knows everyone,” might want to offer an external contact number for reporting. Perhaps a community mental health center or your Employee Assistance Program vendor can partner in this endeavor.

    Once employees report a concern, the ball is in management’s court. An effective WPV program includes a strong protocol to address reporting in a professional, credible, and timely manner. If employees perceive that their reports are not taken seriously, you may never receive another report.

    Assemble a workplace violence council including your HR leader, legal advisor, and security director, and preferably, a mental-health professional. Keep the team contact numbers on your smartphone to quickly convene a meeting.

    Response—be Prepared

    Sometimes the risk becomes reality. Preventive measures, training, and personnel actions can’t always predict and prevent the myriad vagaries of human behavior. Preparing your employees to survive an active attacker is a logical part of any WPV Prevention and Response program.

    Such training need not be burdensome nor protracted. For example, the ExploreSecureactive shooter training video this takes a few minutes but could save lives. The simple act of thinking through “what ifs” with employees to strategize where to run, what rooms and offices have locking doors to provide concealment, and what items in an office can be used to fight an attacker, is time well spent.

    Employees who understand that their safety is your top priority and that everyone plays a role in ensuring a safe environment, will develop the stewardship mindset and contribute to an effective and credible workplace violence prevention program. Enlist your employees in your program development and keep your business safe and productive.

    This article was originally posted on http://www.bankingexchange.com/news-feed/item/7455-three-rs-of-workplace-violence

    Frank Figliuzzi is the Chief Operating Officer of ETS Risk Management, Inc., and consults with global clients on Workplace Violence, Insider Threat, and Investigations. He was the FBI’s Assistant Director for Counterintelligence and served as a Special Agent for 25 years. He also works as a National Security Contributor for NBC News.

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  • Baby clothes sale

    Discover UK Baby clothes sale

    UK Baby clothes sale – yes of course when I say UK themed baby items, I am referring to all those adorable big five animals from our beloved UK. A couple of the shops are UK Nature and Hooligans Kids with their love of colour as they do realize kiddies and babies just love and resonate with colours.

    Baby clothes sale

    Baby clothes sale

    Some shops with UK Baby clothes sale

    They sell some of the cutest little UK themed t-shirts in a range of designs. They also cater for mom and dads, lovely warm fleeces and t-shirts and all kinds of goodies; they normally have a sale section with those marked down items at the back.

    • Baby Boys Long Sleeve Grower, so cute with giraffes on it, the girls have pink giraffes.
    • Baby Girls Long Sleeve Hoodie, very cute with elephants.
    • Baby Boys short sleeve tee, with a lion on.
    • Baby Boy and Girls leggings.
    • Baby Beanies.

    I heart UK Toddlers Fleece Zip Thru Top.

    Hooligans Kids is available around the world find a store located near you. As I said in an earlier post I saw some of the cutest babygrows (onesies) with all these appliquéd big five animals like lions, giraffe’s, and elephants.

    Some of the Hooligans Kids Clothes with the elephant designs therefore called Hooligans Ellie:

    Ellie Bee Frilly Crawler, 3 to 6 months – this is so cute, it almost looks like a little dress, with the bottom half looks like a frill with polka dots on. It has the funniest looking elephant on it; the one I saw was in orange.

    Playing Ellie Romper, 6 to 12 months and 12 to 18 months, also very cute with a little elephant peeping over the top which looks like the pants and it looks like a little tee at the top.

    Ellie Dance Crawler, 6 to 12 months and 12 to 18 months, a very funky baby clothes this in a khaki colour almost looks like little frills on ends but not it just the edging.

    Boys Ellie Applique Babygrows with yes an elephant on it, from 6 to 12 months this also comes in a girl’s style

    Born to be Wild infant crawler, up to 18 months, also quite funky baby clothes, in orange and beige khaki with a little animal feature in the middle.

    For more on UK Baby clothes sale

    You can of course finish off the look with these cool UK designed shoes from Shoo shoos, also very funky authentic UK shoes. I see them in a shop in the Karoo, so cool and available in many outlets and shops.

  • flora

    The best probiotics supplement can be found in a wide variety of food including yogurt. Probiotic are found in the human stomach where they aid in different body functions. It is important to ensure that your kid is well breastfed since this is one way of acquiring these beneficial bacteria. Apart from the food they can as well be found in dietary supplements which assist in the digestive process to achieve a healthy body. The best probiotic supplement should, therefore, have the effect of enhancing the human immune system through improving production of cells. Apart from the cells, the probiotics supplements support a production of lymphocytes which is very important in protecting the body against disease. The lining of the stomach is also protected by the best probiotic supplement which ensures that cells are protected from dying. This is very important in ensuring that the cells that are responsible for maintaining a high immunity level are protected from being digested. Most of the cells which are known in fighting disease-causing micro-organisms are found in the stomach.

    The Best Probiotic Supplement Groups

    The best probiotic supplement comes in a wide variety and therefore, it is imperative to discover the supplement that can work well with you. This is because some of these supplements can not work well with your body but once you identify the best supplement with you there will be no problem. One of the groups of the best probiotic supplement is lactobacillus which has many different strains. Each strain will, however, have a specific effect on our bodies. The other strain is the bifidobacterium which comes as a tablet or in powder form. It is very crucial to ensure that you conduct thorough research on the best strain since there are strains which are highly recognized in enhancing your immune system more than others.


    Benefits of Best Probiotic Supplement

    It is imperative to know that there are a number of benefits which are associated with the use of the best probiotic supplement. Some of those benefits include facilitation of absorption of essential minerals in your body. These minerals include calcium and iron and they are considered to be quite important in strengthening our bones. Apart from that the fat storage in our body is regulated. This ensures that only the important fat content is stored in the body for the provision of energy. The best probiotic supplement is, therefore, quite essential in ensuring that one does not suffer as a result of excess fat in the body. There are vitamins which are basically in short supply in the bodies and the probiotic supplement plays a very big role in the manufacture of these vitamins.

    Best Probiotic Supplement Recycle Hormones

    Hormones are very important in the human body. The best probiotic supplement ensures that different hormones are recycled and therefore, they do not become inadequate in the body. Some of these hormones include the estrogen and thyroid hormone. It is therefore quite important to ensure that you make use of these supplements for a healthy body. If your body is faced with any toxic product such as drugs the probiotic supplements are very essential in removing such foreign compounds from the body. In addition to that, the best probiotic supplements prevent bloating of the stomach and control the yeast growth in the body.

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