Living in Long Term Caravan Parks


Living in a Caravan is a growing option for many people across Australia. To accommodate for this growing demand, long-term caravan parks are offering residents a place to live permanently at an affordable price.

Majority of people who choose to consider living in long-term Caravan Parks are fixed-income pensioners who may have too much money for public housing but not enough for regular housing or retirement village living. Also, many retirees feel that they no longer need their large family home. Perhaps they had several children growing up in the home and now they are left to maintain the house in their older years.

Before considering Caravan Park long term rentals or purchases we need to first understand that the Caravan Park owner owns the land that all Caravans sit on, regardless if its a moving tourist van or permanent van. You will pay rent for the land under your caravan on a weekly basis. The Park owner will also set the rules and obligations for its residents and if not followed the resident can be asked to leave with their caravan. You will purchase the caravan from the previous owner and it may look and feel permanently set to the ground but if things change with Park management you will need to pump up the tires and pull your caravan out of the park.

Therefore it’s really important to thoroughly investigate if the park owner has future plans to develop the park. If possible it would also be a good idea to speak to the current residents and ask them if the park management is fair and reasonable.

Caravan Parks

Popular locations for caravan parks with a long-term stay in mind are the major cities. Also, many retirees look towards northern parts of Australia as a good option where temperatures are warmer. They can enjoy more outdoor activities, such as lawn bowls, gardening or even fishing and boating. Keeping that in mind there are plenty of long-term caravan parks on the Gold Coast to accommodate these sun-seekers. As there is such demand for warmer weather locations, not only are their long term caravan parks on the Gold Coast but also plenty of residential parks with larger relocatable home options. Many residents may come from major cities and have family still working in or near the city. There are many long-term caravan parks in Sydney, located in outer suburbs that offer affordable accommodation for a major city. Other states in Australia can assist with cheaper retirement housing options with long-term caravan parks in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. After Sydney and Gold Coast, long-term caravan parks in Melbourne is the third most popular location for long-term caravan parks.

A key benefit that may attract retirees to long-term Caravan Parks is that you can be eligible for rent assistance from Centrelink, great news if retirees are living on a budget. Long-term Caravan park rentals can be considered if purchasing an onsite Caravan Park is not possible. A word of warning, things can be becoming complicated as there are two landlords in this situation. You may rent the van from an owner however this owner actually rents the land from the park management. If there are problems that occur between the van owner and park management then you may be left high and dry. Many caravan parks that offer long-term stay try to avoid offering Onsite Caravans for rent as it can attract undesirable tenants. These tenants may have lost their other place of residence due to unpaid rent and unfortunately, in some regional areas, drug addicts can be attracted to long-term caravan parks as they may not be accepted in other rental accommodation.

Before you consider living in caravan parks with a long-term stay for Centrelink benefits, make sure you check with a financial adviser if you are eligible for these benefits. Many retirees may not realize that there is an asset and income test that will be conducted by the ATO before any Centrelink payments will be approved.

Retirees may think that moving out of the family home, renting to others and moving into a long-term Caravan Park will give them the ability to access rental assistance. Actually, the principal residence is not assessed under the asset test but if a retiree moves out, the house becomes an investment property and will become an asset under the asset test. The priorities shouldn’t be around getting Centrelink benefits but more focused on having the most enjoyable and suitable retirement housing for your situation.

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