How Should I Move a Piano?

You are not moving, but your daughter is and she wants to take the piano with her. Packing up her belongings and putting them in the car is not a big problem. But you are asking yourself, how should I move a piano? Is this a job for a couple of strong guys and a pickup, or is there more to it? At Helping Hands Family Movers, our moving companies Edmonton include moving pianos. Here is a bit of information about what is involved.

Moving a Piano in Edmonton

A piano is a large, heavy, and delicate musical instrument. If it roughly handled during the move, the smallest problem may be that it has to be tuned at its new location. That assumes that the movers did not drop it, scratch it, or otherwise cause structural damage. An issue when moving a piano during a cold Alberta winter is that the soundboard may crack or its glue joints may come loose. Pianos are ideally kept in rooms with a constant 20 degree Celsius temperature. A rapid temperature change down to minus 20 degrees may result in a large, heavy, and not-so-musical instrument arriving at its destination!

Thus, piano moving requires skill, knowledge, preparation, a sufficiently large moving crew, and the right equipment.

A piano can weigh as little as 140 kilograms or more than 500 kilograms. Your piano moving company will need to have dollies that can support this amount of weight and even a way to hoist the piano out of a window if bringing the piano down a set of remodeled stairs is not possible!

And, the value of a piano may range from purely sentimental value to more than $100,000 for a Steinway Grand Piano. It is important that your piano mover is insured. As noted on our FAQ page, we are fully insured and carry workman’s compensation insurance for our workers.

Taking the Piano Apart in Order to Move It

A baby grand or grand piano stands on narrow legs. These must be removed before moving or you will not be able to get the piano out of the house and into its new location. This needs to be done after turning the piano on its side while protecting its surface with blankets and protective wrapping. The piano parts are then wrapped and secured before moving them out of the house and into the moving van. It is important to have the right tools to both take the piano apart and assemble it again at its new destination.

Measure the Piano before Moving It

It is important to measure both the piano and the sizes of doorways, staircases, or elevators before starting the move. Taking a piano from a living room and straight out the front door simply requires enough people and the right equipment such as a dolly that can support the weight involved. But, when a grand piano has been in an Edmonton home for years, subsequent remodeling may have made an easy exit impossible. As professional movers, Helping Hands Family Movers moving services include knowing how to get pianos out of windows or winch them down from a second-story room. We also know how to transport a piano on a cold winter day in Alberta by using proper insulation, doing an efficient move, and warming the moving van as needed.

Moving a Piano across Edmonton or across Canada

At Helping Hands Family Movers of Edmonton, we will be happy to move your daughter’s piano from your home to her new lodgings on the other side of town. And, if she is moving to Calgary, Vancouver, or Toronto, we do long distance moving of pianos as well. For our moving rates for piano moving or any questions about moving for your home or office, contact us at Helping Hands Family Movers.