Exposed Aggregate Driveway Is Low Maintenance

If you have a look at the traditional style of concrete that they used to build houses with you will notice that the finish of the concrete is very smooth. This is much more different from the exposed aggregate driveway finish that you will see today. Not many people truly understand what exposed aggregate driveway looks like. This is basically the way in which they decorate the concrete to give it a different finish. In some instances they will aggregate the concrete with pebbles for example to give it a completely new look that is also very low maintenance.

On other occasions they will make the exposed aggregate driveway finish completely different with little stones. You have such a big variety of items that you can use with exposed aggregate driveway. If you are a little creative the concrete in and around your home can be something that is unique. It is always fun to have something that nobody else in the neighborhood has. When you choose a medium to aggregate your concrete with you must make sure that it is something that is not going to need a lot of attention from you.

The one thing about exposed aggregate driveway is that you can hose it down with some water about every two months. This is very low maintenance compared to smooth concrete that you have to paint, clean and treat regularly. The many colors and different designs of exposed aggregate driveway is what will have people stop and look twice. It is interesting and definitely different from what is available to see every day. If something is different it will spark the curiosity of others. You never know with your clever concrete ideas you might even start a brand new neighborhood trend.

If you do not have much money for renovations but you really want to give the concrete walls at home a makeover then all you have to do is to make use of the many exposed aggregate driveway ideas. For a few dollars you can make your walls look brand new and in the process add to the value of your home. If you make improvements to your home such as with exposed aggregate driveway you will make it look better and future buyers will be willing to pay more for the house as what they will be willing to pay now. You will be able to get more information pertaining to this on the internet or at the library in some of the landscaping books.