Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Melbourne

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Did you know that 40% of energy used in the home is attributed to our use of heating and cooling systems melbourne, not including hot water? The Australian government has long encouraged Australians to conserve energy to help the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Energy efficient climate control solutions are just one of the many options available to homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint.

Energy efficient heating and cooling systems melbourne entail much more than simply an effective heater or high performing air conditioner. It is a combination of:

  • Operating your climate control system efficiently
  • Ensuring your heating system of choice is optimal for the area and living space that it supplies
  • Complementing your heating with the correct insulation, reducing draughts and ensuring your home has effective window coverings
heating and cooling systems melbourne
heating and cooling systems melbourne

Reduce Energy Costs

At Everlasting Air, we stock the world’s leading brands from Toshiba and Mitsubishi to Braemar and Bonaire, all providing energy efficient options designed to reduce costs. Other ways to be energy aware and cost conscious include:

  • Keep your thermostat at a constant temperature ranging between 18°C and 20°C for living areas
  • Purchase a heater with a timer so that you can set your thermostat to regulate temperatures at specific times of the day
  • Remember to turn your heating or cooling off overnight and while away from the home
  • Invest in a zoned heating system and minimise heating loss by closing doors and zoning rooms that are often used
  • Maintain a fluid airflow by ensuring furniture and curtains are kept away from ducted heating outlets. We recommend regular maintenance of your heating system and the filter pads on the return air grille of your ducted heating system

Energy Efficient With Everlasting Air

Be informed and make the best choice for your home with Everlasting Air. Choose from market leading brands and products, call us today for further information.