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Electrical Muscle Stimulation Really Works Amazingly Well

Electrical muscle stimulation Training is a wonderful way to relieve sore muscles or to help with chronic pain. Muscles contract due to the electrical flow sent through the muscle. This motion actually serves to help strengthen the muscle.

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My Experiences With An Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine

As an athlete I’ve been exposed to EMS Training or electric muscle stimulation units for a long time. I believe that they helped me to heal faster and get back on to the playing field much quicker.

When you have an injured muscle many times it is tight and possibly a bruise causing additional stiffness. When you try to contract the muscle you experience extreme pain, but eh the TENS type of unit can be modulated at a frequency to enable your muscle to contract up to the point of pain tolerance and this movement enables your body to break up the hematoma and move it out of your system.

So you are getting muscle contractions without you doing the work and the key to health is movement!

How Do The Stim Machines Work?

The electrical muscle stimulation machines work by using two conductor pads placed on the skin. The current flows between the two pads causing the muscles to contract. Usually a conductive substance is placed on your skin to help the flow, but the current is usually only felt in the location between the pads.

What Does The Electric Muscle Stimulating Unit Feel Like?

The pain relieving aspect is similar to getting a massage. You feel a smidge of discomfort but then it feels really good. Depending on your injury the level of pain could be different. And as with all medical issues you should consult your doctor prior to using any device such as an electrical muscle stimulation unit.

The information provided on this site is for information purposes only and should not be considered medical advice because I am not a medical doctor.


When used properly your home electrical muscle stimulation machine could quickly become your best friend. Be sure to only use it according to the specifications and once again be sure to make sure you are medically fit enough to use this type of muscle stimulation unit.

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