Do You Make These 8 Mistakes With Your Business Cards?

Business cards Calgary hold a lot of power when it comes to marketing your company’s services. Let Calgary Economy Printers help you avoid these common business card mistakes and turn them into true lead magnets.

This 2 x 3.5 inch rectangle lingers after meetings with potential clients, as a reminder that you offer what they are seeking.

Help them remember by avoiding these common business card mistakes:

  1. Don’t stray from your company’s already existing brand and style. Design your card to reflect the graphics and colors on your website, company letterhead, and other marketing materials. Consistency is most effective.
  2. Don’t use fancy fonts and colors for your name and contact info. You want potential clients to get a hold of you, right? Make sure important information on your business card is legible and easy to find.
  3. Don’t forget about the space on the back of the card. This is the perfect space for your company’s one line pitch, or a few bullet points about your services.
  4. Don’t believe that bigger is better. Business cards Calgary are meant to be carried in a standard size wallet,or card holder. Getting overly creative will get your card lost. Stick to the common 2 x 3.5 inch size.
  5. Don’t use poor quality thin paper to save on the price. Your business card reflects your business and opting out for cheap paper will imply your own quality of work is cheap, as well. Instead, seek out printing services like, Calgary Economy Printers, where we offer inexpensive printing options along with quality work.
  6. Don’t use 10 different kinds of colors in order to catch attention. You want your business cards Calgary design to flow by accenting your company’s logo. Stick to no more than four colors.
  7. Don’t use common clip art for your logo. Respectable printing companies such as, Calgary Economy Printers, will help you locate an original design that is all yours.
  8. Don’t place text and logos too close to the edge of your card. Any tearing or folds will make important information warped. Graphic alignment is key to a card that is well balanced, and professional looking.

Calgary Economy Printers is your one stop shop for all your business card design, and printing needs. We know all the dos and dont’s when it comes to creating affordable business cards and marketing materials including full color business cards.

Avoid These Common Business Card Mistakes and Turn Your Business Cards Into Powerful Lead Magnets.

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