Benefits of Moving from a Paper-Based Inspection to Inspection Software

Why Home Inspection Software Is Better Than Paper-Based Inspection

The technology industry is expanding at an alarming speed and is being utilized in numerous areas to make life and work simpler. Home inspections aren’t any different. One of the major areas that technology is making more convenient for homeowners is the application of home inspection software.

Home Inspection software allows home inspectors to throw away the clipboard, and eliminate paper in their reports and inspections. This allows the inspector to present more professional reports to their customers, and, for some, removes the time-consuming task of writing an inspection report on paper, and then typing all the information back to the office.

The best home inspection software 2021 used for home inspections permits you to utilize a phone, handheld tablet PC, laptop on the field. This lets the inspector take all the necessary information on the spot and avoids the task that is usually performed back in the office.

Benefits of Home Inspection Software for a Property Manager

  • With the help of home inspection software, which can be loaded on portable devices the home inspectors can create a complete report while conducting home inspection. The software allows you to make use of dropdowns to record the condition of objects and add notes, images, and offer suggestions to customers.
  • By using a wireless printer,, an inspector can print their report on the spot and give directly to the customer when they are finished with their inspection. They can also bring their report to their office, add images and any final remarks and then convert the report into the form of a PDF. The PDF can be easily sent to the client. This will eliminate any problems clients might face when trying to read the handwriting in a messy manner and.
  • Another benefit of house inspection tools is the fact that it’s simple to include photographs directly to reports. The client can be able to see precisely what an inspector has been talking about in the report. The software also provides the inspector with the option of modifying the way reports of inspections at home appear. It is easy to edit the font, color and the overall appearance for the document.
  • Inspectors can also modify their templates and forms that they employ to design new templates that reflect the manner they conduct their inspection. Software is capable of automatically generating summaries of things that require attention. This makes it easy for the customer to have a single place of look up all of the most important inspection results. For instance, any item marked with the Marginal score would be displayed within The Marginal Summary.
  • The use of software to conduct home inspections allows the inspector to be organized and not needing to handle the pile of paper. All reports are saved to the computer and are able to be accessed at any time at any time. Home inspectors also save significant cash by not having to buy quick possession home. Carbon copies of forms can cost the inspector anything from $8 to $25 per report. This quickly becomes a significant amount. With the help of software, they’ll not have to pay for each inspection, and the software will cover itself.
  • Switching to software for home inspections instead of paper can also help inspectors stay on top their competition. The software lets them produce reports that are more professional in appearance report that will impress customers.
Benefits of Home Inspection Software for a Property Manager

In The End

house inspection software represents a significant advancement in doing home inspections using pencil and paper. It not only saves inspectors time and effort, but it also offers inspectors the ability to produce professional-looking reports that can be customized according to their requirements.

Reports delivered electronically are fast and simple and can impress the clients. In addition, by impressing realtors and clients by presenting their reports, they’ll be able to get new clients through tools for a home inspection.